I create websites that help companies make an impact with their target audience.

If you're starting a new venture or looking to refresh your brand, I can design your brand identity too. I can offer substantial cost savings when I create both your logo and your website because most of the research work will only need to be done once. Also, I'll make sure your branding is designed as a strong foundation for your website.

Every client is unique and every project has specific goals. Everything I create for you will be tailored to suit your requirements.

I use a tried and trusted process for website design and logo design and branding.

Discussion – First we'll chat about your website. I'll ask plenty of questions until we're clear about what you'd like to achieve.

Estimate – Once I know the project's requirements, I can provide you with a cost estimate and approximate lead times.

Agree Project Scope - I'll create a proposal document (the web design brief) which will list the project's deliverables and costs. Once you've signed-off the proposal and made an initial payment, your project will be scheduled in.

Discovery – This is the research phase of the project. We will work together to identify your target audience and your competitors. We'll discuss the desired 'look and feel', content strategy, information architecture and site navigation. When we're done, I'll have everything needed to create the best website for your business.

Design – I will create visuals for your home page. This will include the colour palette, typography and overall style of your website. Once you're happy with the general look and feel, I'll continue to design key elements of the website.

Development – I'll translate the visual designs into code. We will review how the website looks and works at key stages throughout your project. I will continue to test and optimise your web site as the build progresses.

Training – I'll show you how to get the most from your Content Management System with training designed specifically for your needs. By the end of the training, you'll be ready to edit and add to the website yourself.

Deployment – A few last tweaks, a final round of cross-browser and device testing, and your website will be ready for launch.

Follow up – Launching your website is just the beginning. I hope we'll stay in touch to review performance and continue to grow your web site.

How much will it cost?

Every project is different. The cost will depend on many factors, including:

  • what the website needs to do
  • how much content and imagery you can provide
  • how much training you and your employees require

A bespoke website will typically cost £2,400 - £5,000 to design and develop, depending on your requirements.

If you're just starting a new venture you will probably need your logo/branding done at the same time. If that's the case then I can offer significant savings.

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Discussion – First we'll chat about your business, product or service that needs a new identity. I'll ask plenty of questions until we're clear about what you'd like to achieve.

Estimate - Once I know what's required, I can provide you with a cost estimate and an approximate schedule for your logo designs and any additional items.

Agree Project Scope - I'll create a proposal document (otherwise known as a design brief). This will list the branding project's costs and deliverables. Once you've signed-off the proposal and made an initial payment, your logo project will be scheduled in.

Discovery - We will work together to identify what sets your business/product apart from your competitors. We'll discuss how your logo should look and feel. When we're done, I'll continue my research until I have everything needed to design your brand identity.

Sketching – The creative process begins with 'brainstorming' and sketching. I still use pencil and paper for this - there is nothing better for quickly generating visual ideas. This is a crucial phase of the project and the more time that's devoted to it the better the result will be. Typically, I will generate 50 - 100 sketches and this will be spread out over several sessions.

Design Concepts – I'll choose the best ideas and turn them into pixels. Around 6 concepts will be converted into monochrome digital concepts. Whether the design is a logotype or a logomark/icon, I will carefully choose the right fonts to complete the initial ideas.

Initial Presentation - The monochrome designs will be presented to you or emailed to you as a PDF document. I will include detailed explanations of each design and advise on which is the most suitable for your business/product. You should spend some time reviewing the designs and discussing them with trusted employees, family and friends. It will be your decision which design to take forward to the next stage.

Feedback & Refinement - We will discuss your chosen design and I'll make any changes you've requested. I'll continue to refine the design and create colour options for you to consider. A few rounds of feedback and refinement might be required to get your logo perfect.

Visual Identity Design - With the logo finished, work can progress to the final stages of the project. This varies according to your needs, but could include:

  • Brand Identity Guidelines a cheat-sheet or rule book on how to use your logo, typography and colour palette
  • Stationery – letterhead, business cards, compliment slips, envelopes…
  • Digital stationery – email signatures, Word and PowerPoint templates
  • Vehicle livery, signage, workwear, exhibition stands etc.
  • Social Media branding – icons, backgrounds, fonts, colours and other settings for your social media pages
  • Other Marketing Collateral – Flyers, posters, adverts, brochures and catalogues

Delivery - Upon receipt of your final payment, I will supply your logo as high-resolution digital files. You'll have every format needed for print and screen use.

Long Term Support – You probably won't need everything from day one. If you find you need a new item of stationery or marketing collateral, I'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

How much will it cost?

As you can see, this process involves much more than just drawing a logo. How much it will cost to create a brand identity will depend on many factors, including:

  • what your brand needs to do
  • how vital your visual identity is to your business
  • where you intend to use your logo and branding

An original logo design, with minimal brand guidelines and stationery design, will typically cost from £800.

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